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By m0nkiii/bamsegrillen

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(Latest update: 2019-06-21 Total plays: 198901)
(all tables are sortable and times are in GMT )


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Things to take into account:

Latest play: 2019-06-21 12:45:17
First play: 2005-09-09 18:03:52
Time on (in days): 5032
Unique artists: 6919
Unique tracks: 30254


(TTL / UTL) / UTL = score = 0.00021730582174905386
TTL = Total tracks listened = 198901
UTL = Unique tracks listened = 30254
AEP: 2.48326166892 (with top 50)

Latest 3 months

(TTL / UTL) / UTL = score = 0.00165958
TTL = Total tracks listened = 2848
UTL = Unique tracks listened = 1310
AEP: 3.31310313631 (with top 50)